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Broken Keys


"The Syrian war is considered to be the world's largest humanitarian catastrophe. More than half of all

Syrians have been forced to flee their homes, resulting in aver 55 million refugees." 

The United Nations

director's statement

Through the transcendent power of music, Broken Keys explores survival, resistance, defiance, war, and hope, against the backdrop of a conflict-ravaged Middle Eastern neighborhood staged

in the fictional town of Ramza in Syria where music has been made unlawful by a terrorist group.

This film represents the fight for art and the profound impact that it has on a broken society. It's a reminder that even in a world torn by war, terrorism, and daily abuses of human rights; the beauty of music and its unifying properties don't lessen, making it a cause worth fighting for.

The narrative is based on the true story of a young pianist, Akram. He was discovered playing piano; with aspirations of kindling hope back into his neighbor's lives, defying the power in place in his village, Ramza.

This story was the inspiration behind Nocturne in Black, the short version of Broken Keys which was decorated with a BAFTA Award and shortlisted for the 2017 Oscars.

This feature film will convey music as a beacon of hope, filling the void left by the battle for survival in a war-torn world, affecting millions of souls trapped in this calamity.

"Music is what feelings sound like"


the story

2013. Karim, 20's, lives in a hideout, in a war-torn village in Syria. His dream is to escape the

country to Europe. The only way he can get the money ta leave is to sell his most precious

possession, the piano he inherited from his mother. 

Karim often plays the piano at night to lift up the morale in the hideout. Ziad, 10 years old, also lives in the hideout. He is the son of a resistance fighter. He is fascinated by the music and admires Karim. An attack occurs and one of the resistance fighters gets injured. Out of medical supplies, the makeshift doctor asks Karim to play the piano ta ease the injured man's pain. It is daytime; the occupying militia hears the music. They raid the hideout, wreck the piano and kill Ziad's dad. Karim is now more resolved than ever to leave.

Karim goes an a quest to retrieve parts far the broken piano. His search starts in his village

bat he doesn't find what he needs. In the meantime, Ziad gets captured by the militia and is

held captive in a training camp. He manages to steal a pipe bomb and sneaks out, planning to

avenge his father's murder. He comes back to the hideout and confesses his plans to Karim. Karim confiscates the bomb and convinces him to lay low.

Ziad tells him about a grand piano, Iocated in the distant town of Ramza, which is at the heart

of the conflict. Karim decides to go to Ramza where he can find the parts to fix his piano.

On the outskirts of the city, he meets a vegetable smuggler that gets him inside Ramza. The city is ravaged and under siege. He meets a resistance fighter named Samar who agrees to help him find the piano, in exchange far safe passage outside of the city.

The ordeals they face together strengthen their connection and they start having feelings for

each ether. But both of them are on a mission. They have to part at the gate of the city and

Karim returns to his village.

Back in his village, Karim realizes that there is a price on his head and Ziad's. He repairs and sells his piano. Karim realizes the resistance fighters need his help and he decides to save

Ziad's life instead of his own. He buys the ticket out far the child with the money. 

Karim puts in motion an ambush to overthrow the militia.